Catch the Frogs at Party for the Planet

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, on Saturday, April 23rd is such a perfect fit for their Party for the Planet celebration. Party for the Planet is the largest combined Earth Day celebration in North America as more than 120 of the top zoos and aquariums across North America are throwing a Party for the Planet™ event, making it the largest combined Earth Day celebration in North America! During Party for the Planet at Rolling Hills Zoo, guests will be invited to build a “make and take” terrarium, encounter a live amphibian and enjoy a story safari. Earth day themed games, face painting and hourly keeper encounters are all part of the celebration. A celebration Dance Party will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. along with special dance performances by the Tamara Howe Dancers on the Overlook Patio at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Catch Us If You Can! Frogs:  A Chorus of Colors is the newest exhibit at Rolling Hills Zoo featuring twenty-three live frog species from around the world, including eight species of native Kansas frogs. Opening on Saturday, April 23, in the Earl Bane Gallery of the Wildlife Museum, this exhibit introduces visitors to the amazing and colorful world of anurans – the frogs.  Although most people have no aversion to frogs, their beauty and elegance are often overlooked as these amphibians are among the most visually stunning, vocally pleasing, and adaptively remarkable life forms on earth. “Frogs are found throughout the world and are one of the most diverse groups of animals with nearly 6,500 separate species”, shared Robert Jenkins, Executive Director of Rolling Hills Zoo. In the exhibit, each species is housed in detailed habitats recreated to resemble their native environment, including rock ledges, live plants and waterfalls.  Visitors can examine them up close as they jump, climb and glide in their natural environments. In addition to observing the amphibians, visitors can immerse themselves in a frog-filled world as they find hidden frogs, activate frog calls and perform a virtual dissection. The exhibit’s interactive games and displays help visitors of all ages have fun while exploring the frogs’ biology and natural history.  Visitors will also discover the important role frogs play in our earth’s ecosystems, and the role frogs have played in human cultures by inspiring stories and myths, conjuring spells and designing weapons. While frogs have filled the night with song since the dawn of the dinosaurs, the perils they are facing in a changing environment also foretell the future health of our environment, thus serving as an important indicator of our environment’s health and stability. “Frogs are incredibly in tune with their environment and are very sensitive to what is happening in it,” commented Jenkins.  “Presently, frogs and toads in the wild are serving as the “canary warning in the coal mine” for us and the rest of the planet.” “We encourage everyone to join us for Party for the Planet on April 23rd, to celebrate this great planet we all inhabit while also discovering the important role our amphibian friends play in our world.” “The generosity of our sponsors plays an important role in bringing this exciting exhibit to RHZ,” shared Jenkins. Opening on April 23, this exhibit will be on display at Rolling Hills Zoo through September 11th, during normal Zoo hours and is included in the price of Zoo admission.   [gallery columns="4" ids="20309,20310,20311,20308"]]]>