Cash Surplus as Legislative Session Begins

A surplus of federal dollars is one of the leading topics in Topeka this week as elected officials begin the 2022 Kansas legislative session Monday.

Will the push for a spending spree win – or save it for a rainy day fund emerge as lawmakers look for a path to allocate the $2.9 billion surplus?

State Senator J.R. Claeys tells KSAL News he believes the session will hammer out the details for taxpayers.


Governor Laura Kelly is set to unveil her proposed budget this week that will fund public schools, the department of transportation and other agencies. Governor Kelly along with some bipartisan support is also a proponent of ending the food tax.

Kansas is one of seven states in the nation that fully taxes groceries. Kansas? food sales tax rate is 6.5%, the second-highest rate in the country. Under Governor Kelly?s proposed bill, a Kansas family of 4 will save an average of $500 or more on their grocery bill every year.

The legislative session lasts 90 days and has a month long break in April.