Car Thief Tased, Arrested

A stolen car was recovered and the alleged thief arrested after he abandoned the vehicle.

According to Salina Police Captain Jim Feldman, 42-year-old Tony Nordahl was arrested on Sunday after a tussle with officers.

Police say that Nordahl jumped into an unlocked 2018 Honda Accord with the keys in it – and drove away from the Club Car Wash in the 600 block of S. Broadway. About two hours later, he drove past an accident scene that officers were working in the 1200 block of E. Crawford and the car was immediately recognized as the stolen car.

Moments later he jumped out and ran. Police used a taser during the struggle to take him into custody.

One officer suffered minor injuries.

Nordahl is now facing charges that could include felony theft, 2 counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and DUI.