Cancer Screening Kits Available Through Next Week

Free colorectal cancer screening tests will remain available through the end of next week, April 7th.

According to the Tammy Walker Cancer Center, Colorectal cancer is now the leading cause of cancer death for men under the age of 50 and the second leading cause of cancer among women in the same age group according to a report (Cancer Statistics 2024) released earlier this year by the American Cancer Society. In this report the American Cancer Society stated that in adults under 50 years of age colorectal cancer has moved up from being the fourth leading cause of cancer death in both younger men and women two decades ago to being the leading cause of cancer death in younger men and second leading cause of cancer death in younger women (behind breast cancer).  Individuals interested in learning more about cancer rates and trends including the rising rates of colorectal cancer in young adults can access the full report at

 Regular colorectal cancer screening is one of the most powerful weapons against colorectal cancer. All men and women should get screened for colorectal cancer starting at age 45.

Those with a family history of the disease should talk to their physician about screening at a younger age.

Colorectal cancer screening tests can be picked up at Salina, Lindsborg, Abilene, and Concordia pharmacies until April 7th. These are the Hemosure iFOB (FIT) test, which is an advanced fecal blood test that requires only one sample and has no food or drug restrictions. The FIT test is a stool based test which detects hidden blood in the stool and should be done annually.

If individuals would like a test mailed to them they can call TWCC at 785-452-4848. The tests can be mailed back to Tammy Walker Cancer Center in the pre-paid postage envelope.

Participants in the screening should return their samples for analysis by May 30.

Tammy Walker Cancer Center will send participants and their primary care physician a copy of the test results. The screening tests are being made available to anyone age 45 to 75 who have not had a recent colonoscopy. Grant funding from the Salina Charities League and Salina Regional Health Foundation is helping to underwrite the screening.