Business Training Offered on Immigration Issues

Over the last several years Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun investigating employers for immigration compliance issues who are far beyond major metropolitan areas, where federal agencies have historically not been involved. Kansas is no exception; recently there have been major crack downs on employers in McPherson, Ottawa, and Lawrence in addition to larger metro areas like Wichita, Olathe, and Kansas City.

In Kansas alone, ICE investigations have led to massive fines, forfeiture of hotels, restaurants, contracting companies, and gas stations, and even jail time for business owners and hiring managers.

To help area businesses stay informed, Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute(CICI), (a corporate immigration training, compliance, and auditing company, run by business immigration attorneys) is bringing one of their national training programs to Salina in early November.

The training offered by CICI is developed and conducted by business immigration attorneys who have helped small and even national companies ensure they’re fully compliant with federal immigration regulations to provide the best possible defense, should ICE come knocking on your door. According to CICI’s President, Ms. Mira Mdivani:

“Our goal is to ensure that companies are able to protect their businesses and their people from government immigration audits and investigations. We’ve long since offered private training to some of the mid-west’s largest employers, but our outreach through live webinars and local training seminars is an effort to provide the best tools and resources to all companies regardless of size or location.”

This training is designed for business owners, CFOs, VPs, HR managers and directors, employment lawyers, business lawyers, and general counsel. The event will be held on November 9th, 2016 at the Salina Chamber of Commerce.
For more information:
Mason Ellis at 913-317-6200
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