Bus Stops on Santa Fe to Reopen

With the work on Santa Fe winding down, all five CityGo stops currently closed on the street will be reopening within the next few days.

The stops that will be reopening include the following:

  • Blue #1, Santa Fe and Iron (SE corner)
  • Blue #2, Santa Fe and Ash (NE corner) – this stop will be moved from the corner to the mid-block area under the overhead structure.
  • Blue #19, Santa Fe and Ash (NW corner)
  • Blue #20, Santa Fe & Iron (NW corner)
  • Blue #21, Red #1, Yellow #14, Green #45, Santa Fe & Mulberry (NW corner)

Regular and peak times will resume as published.

Route changes may still occur with the continuation of other construction projects in the area, and in other parts of Salina.