Burn Ban In Ottawa County

Dry conditions prompt a burn ban in Ottawa County.

According to the Ottawa County Emergency Management Office, due to dry weather and vegetation conditions, the Ottawa County Commissioners have issued a burn ban for Ottawa County.  All towns in Ottawa County utilize the county burn ban as also being a city burn ban. Conditions will continue to be evaluated and the decision to rescind or lift the ban will be revisited each Monday during the regular meeting of the County Commission.

Dry pastures, fields, lawns etc. can burn very quickly and spread very fast. Be cautious about parking vehicles in dry grass or weeds. Catalytic converters’ very high temperature can ignite dry plant material quickly. Cigarettes tossed out of vehicles are also a great fire danger.

The burn ban prohibits any outdoor burning with NO EXEMPTIONS ALLOWED. Burning of household trash or debris is prohibited while the burn ban is in effect.

Criminal prosecution for any person violating the burn ban may be implemented. Willful violation of the burn ban shall be considered a class “A” misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine of up to $2,500.00 and one year in jail.

When Ottawa County receives adequate moisture and the conditions improve, the burn ban will be lifted. Until that time, be very conscious about the volatility of the dry grass and plants. If you have questions contact Marie Ballou, Ottawa County Emergency Management Coordinator at 785-392-3600.