Burglary Arrests Made

Salina Police have made a couple of arrests in connection with a series of recent vehicle burglaries and thefts in which items including guns were stolen.

According to the agency, between October 3rd and October 13th the Salina Police Department investigated twenty-four vehicle burglaries and several vehicle thefts. Most, if not all, of the burglaries and thefts were from unlocked vehicles.

The keys were left in most of the stolen vehicles. The vehicle burglaries and thefts were not isolated to one area of Salina.

Property reported taken from the thefts included; handguns, keys, wallets, purses, credit cards, debit cards, cash, change, work tools, hunting equipment, an apple watch, air pods, and checkbooks.

On October 12th at 10:34 P.M., officers responded to a suspicious activity call in the 2200 block of Roach Street. A citizen reported a dome light on inside of a vehicle. Officers located four vehicles that had been illegally entered. Officers located a person inside a vehicle in the
2100 block of Nottingham. The person was detained and brought to the Salina Police Department for questioning by detectives.

Detectives then served two search warrants in the 700 block of North 5th Street and the 800 block of West Ash Street. One other person was detained during the execution of the search warrants.

As a result of the investigation and search warrants, probable cause was established on eight vehicle burglary cases and three
stolen vehicle cases.

• 2022-30483 10/12/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 2100 block Nottingham
• 2022-30480 10/12/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 2100 block Nottingham
• 2022-29831 10/07/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 700 block S. 5th St.
• 2022-29819 10/07/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 600 block S. 5th St.
• 2022-29856 10/07/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 900 block E. Republic Ave.
• 2022-29842 10/07/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 700 Block E. Wilson Ave.
• 2022-29827 10/07/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 600 Block S. 5th St.
• 2022-29823 10/07/2022 Vehicle Burglary/Theft 500 Block E. Wilson St.
• 2022-30475 10/12/2022 Stolen Vehicle 700 block N. 5th St.
• 2022-30242 10/11/2022 Stolen Vehicle 200 block N. 12th St.
• 2022-29941 10/06/2022 Stolen Vehicle 1000 block Quincy St.

The following persons have been arrested and charges have been requested for the following crimes.

Arrested: Ethan DKauth Runyan
724 N. 5th Street
W/M 18-years-old
Charges requested for Ethan Runyan  include: Vehicle Burglary/Theft
(four counts), Vehicle Burglary/Firearms Theft (four counts), and Felony
Theft/Automobile (three counts)


Arrested: Dalton R. Gimeson-Smith
803 W. Ash Street
W/M 18-years-old

Charges requested for Dalton Gimeson-Smith include: Vehicle
Burglary/Theft (two counts) and Vehicle Burglary/Firearms Theft (four

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are expected. If you have information relative to this case please call
Crimestoppers at 825-TIPS. You can also make an online tip at: https://www.p3tips.com/tipform.aspx?ID=950#.You may
receive a cash reward of up to $1,000. Tipsters may also contact the Salina Police Department, Detective Randy
Constantino at (785) 826-7210.