Budweiser Clydesdales to Parade Through Salina

The “clip clop” of hooves will be in the air in Downtown Salina Wednesday evening as a special team will be making special deliveries.  The world famous Budweiser hitch, a team of eight Clydesdale horses pulling a turn of the century beer wagon, will take a trip down Santa Fe, making multiple stops at bars along the route.

According to Salina Downtown, the team will  start to hitch up at around 5:15. They eight Clydesdales will emerge out of  specially designed trailers being pulled by three large tractor trailer trucks in the 600 Block of N. Santa Fe in the area of Chuck’s Bar and begin the hitching process.

Beginning at  6:00 the Clydesdale team will start their slow trot and parade down Santa Fe. They will make a brief stop for photos at  Budweiser retailers on Santa Fe. The team will stop at the following locations:

  • The Voo –  249 N Santa Fe
  • Paramount / The Alley  – 219 N Santa Fe
  • Big Nose Kate’s / Blue Skye Brewery and Eats  –  121  N Santa Fe / 116 N Santa Fe
  • Barolo Grille –  112 S Santa Fe
  • The Prickly Pear Grill and Cantina –  123 S Santa Fe
  • Martinelli’s Little Italy  / Stiefel Theatre – 158 S Santa Fe / 151 S Santa Fe
  • Old Chicago – 214 S Santa Fe
  • YaYa’s Euro Bistro – 251 S Santa Fe

The trip will then end at the Temple parking lot where the team will unhitch and load up and leave.

The Budweiser hitch team of Clydesdales was last in Salina in November of 2013.  They made a home beer delivery to a contest winner at a home in Central Salina at 312 Center Street, made an appearance at Rolling Hills Zoo, and also were part of the Christmas Parade of Lights.