Breaking Unspoken Rule

There is an “unspoken rule” that is understood about art according to artist, Juniper Tangpuz from Kansas City and that is that it is not to be touched. Tangpuz’s sculpture’s for this year’s River Festival, however, were built to defy that rule.

“I try to imagine myself as a kid,” Tangpuz said. “I used to imagine what all was out there in the world and now that I’m grown up I can just build it.”

The Kansas City artist set up large creatures made out of a light, “boxy” material, each different in color and with their own characteristics.

“They’re basically big toys,” Tangpuz said with a smile.

Owl’s perched up on a hill with binoculars for eyes for children to look through, golden swans with pumps that let out quacks when played with sat near by; just a few of the sculptures featured in the exhibit.

The sculptures will be up for the public to play with throughout the River Festival weekend and are located by the pond near Stage II.