Bored with Daily Routine?

There are just days when I feel like I’m that hamster on a treadmill.  My days seem to run in to each other, start the same and stop the same day after day, and I’m starting to wonder if I need a change.  I like my job and my life ok; it just starts to seem boring, like I’m living the same day over and over again.  Is this all I have to look forward to?  I can’t imagine living the next 10 years on the same treadmill.

Yes, you certainly do sound bored, but this Life Coach never has sympathy for anyone who is bored.  There is so much of life out there to live, grab hold of, experience or tackle that this boredom you talk about rests solely on your shoulders.  It doesn’t sound like you’re interested in a career change or major life change so try this on for size:  Make some small changes to mix things up.

What am I talking about here?  Take a look at how you meander mindlessly through life, and then let’s look at how you can make some changes to your work habits. Take a different route to work.  Wear something different than your usual, how about a hat to shock your co-workers?  Change up your work routines such as answer emails or phone calls at a different time of day.  Rearrange your desk and workspace.  Bring in some new pictures for your desk.  Spend some time getting to know a co-worker you rarely talk to.  You get the idea, and I bet you can come up with many more.

At home, try something different than your usual TV or Facebook or mindless eating to relax and zone out.  Search out what’s happening in your community this weekend and resolve to attend.  Maybe you can meet up with a new acquaintance.  This is all about your attitude toward life; you need a change of perspective, a lifestyle reset and reboot.  Tackle this with a new awareness and resolve to change your life from boring to bad-ass!

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Embrace your Personal Power with Life Coaching~

  • What can you do to “mix it up” at work and at home?
  • How will you set the wheels in motion to make some changes?
  • What do you have to lose if you don’t make change?
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