Man Sentenced in 911 Call Case

A Michigan man who was arrested in Salina last summer after making numerous false 911 calls was sentenced to prison this week. Court authorities tell KSAL News that 42-year-old David Slover was sentenced to a little over a year in prison.

Slover was in Salina back in early August. On August 3rd and August 4th he made 26 calls using the 911 emergency line, falsely reporting crimes. Each time, officers responded to the report.

Most of the bogus things he reported were things he claimed were happening in and around a room at Motel 6.  A female acquaintance  was staying in the room.

Slover falsely reported things that include a drug overdose, shots fired, a fire, domestic violence crimes, and asked for welfare checks. The calls were made using a cell phone. He also allegedly threatened to burn dwon the motel when he was asked to leave.

Police located Slover at the Bosselman Travel Center on North 9th Street, and arrested him. The cell phone that the calls were made on was recovered.

Slover, who had outstanding warrants in Monroe, Michigan, was arrested on numerous charges that ncluded multiple counts of making a false report.