Body Exhumed in Cold Case Investigation

Authorities in Dickinson County exhumed a body on Wednesday in connection with a cold case investigation.

A person walking for exercise in the Abilene Cemetery contacted KSAL News after observing a crime scene truck,  a back hoe, two sheriff cars, and about a dozen people gathered around a grave site.

According to the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office, the case involves a 42-year-old murder.  The agency is working with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in an attempt to identify the victim who was murdered in 1974.

Investigation conducted in 1974 by the KBI identified a serial killer, Cecil Henry Floyd, as the suspect in the Dickinson county case. Investigative reports indicate that Floyd admitted to killing 11 individuals, four killings in Florida, one killing in Kansas, and one killing in Nebraska and the remainder of the killings in Indiana.

The remains will be sent to a laboratory.