Blue Collar Tour to Stop at Area School

A tour event with a purpose of getting high school students interested in blue collar trades will make a stop in the area, at a McPherson County high school.

The 2024 Blue Collar Tour, a project of the Western Welding Academy in Gillette, Wyoming, is stopping at 30 schools across the country in 60 days. A stop at Canton- Galva High School is planned for February 27th from 8AM till noon.

Organizers say over 50,000 schools applied to be a part of the tour. Canton-Galva was chosen as the only host school for the tour this year in Kansas.

With all of the distractions and short attention span in todays youth the tour is creating an experience that has never been done by a trade school before.

The welding school is excited about the stop in Canton, because they will be working with the high school’s industrial arts / agriculture instructor Savannah Wild.  They say there are not many women in the trade and it’s important to highlight the good things she is doing there.

For the past four years Western Welding Academy has held their Blue Collar Tour. During this tour they travel around the country in a tour bus to promote trade school and blue-collar jobs through welding demonstrations, interviews, giveaways, and social media. Each event lasts 4-6 hours and includes, hands on welding demonstrations, SWAG and tool giveaways, and highlights of the benefits of Blue Collar Trades in America.

The high school in Canton will be hosting the Blue-Collar Tour in the Ag shop. The tour bus will be parked outside with a couple welding rigs and they will be setting up welders, TVs, booths, and other equipment in the shop starting at 7:30 am.

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