Bizarre Behavior Precedes DUI Arrest

A Salina woman is facing numerous charges including DUI after she allegedly entered a home and told the residents she was an undercover cop.

Police Captain Kyle Tonniges tells KSAL News that 49-year-old Wyona Marshall was placed in a body wrap Thursday evening after a number of events led to her arrest.

Police say around 2pm Thursday, Marshall walked into an elderly woman’s home in the 600 block of S. 11th Street and told the victim and her granddaughter she was an undercover officer. Marshall indicated the woman needed to get into her car. The grandmother refused, and before leaving Marshall reportedly told the girl to get in her vehicle as well.

The victim gave police the license plate, and around midnight cops tracked her down in the area of 12th and Grand, allegedly driving under the influence in an SUV.

Marshall was placed in a body wrap after she allegedly punched an officer in the shin during her arrest. She’s now facing multiple charges that could include battery of a law enforcement officer, trespassing and DUI.