Bike Racks Being Added to Buses

Bicycle racks will soon be available on all five local bus routes for CityGo public transportation in Salina.

According to CityGo, beginning on Monday  bicycle racks will be available on every bus on both Peak and Regular routes, for free customer use.  The permanent installation of the racks is part of OCCK’s plan to improve transit in Salina, which seeks, among other goals, to improve bus service and increase ridership by focusing on customer service and needs.

“The addition of bike racks is another step in our plan to improve bus service and attract new ridership,” said Michelle Griffin, Transportation Director for OCCK, Inc.  “Bike racks are a great amenity for customers who want to increase their mobility and take advantage of the city’s growing network of bike lanes and trails. The racks help customers transport bikes over a long distance and our buses provide a vital connection for people who need or want to use public transit.”

The bicycle racks will be mounted to the front of the buses, providing space for two bicycles on each bus.

The racks are free to use and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers who wish to transport their bicycles must wait for a bus with an available rack. There is no age restriction on usage but the customer must be able to load and unload the bicycle safely and securely, and parents or guardians are asked to use caution when allowing minors to use the racks. Any customer who cannot safely operate the bicycle rack may be restricted from using the service.

A video instructing customers on the safe and proper use of the bicycle racks, as well as additional information, is posted at under Passenger Information/Bike & Go.