Bethany Tops $11 Million in Giving

Bethany College topped $11 million in gifts and pledges, as it ended its fiscal year on June 30th.

The college in Lindsborg says rebounding after the pandemic, it is committed to reconnecting with its core values of integrity, hospitality, community, servant leadership, sustainability, and excellence after challenging times.

President Elizabeth Mauch unveiled the new Path to Your Purpose five-year strategic plan last week at an all-campus gathering of faculty, staff, and board of trustee members. This plan will focus on all future fundraising and student experience efforts in three major areas. These include prioritizing the success of a diverse student population, elevating high-impact practices for every student, and strengthening community relationships by connecting with business and industry partners. A core component of the Path to Your Purpose initiative will be to have 100% of Bethany College students participate in a service-learning experience by the year 2026.

Because of these efforts, several buildings and spaces have undergone significant renovations during the previous year. Both Warner and Gregory Resident Halls were renovated, by a special gift from Roy and Donice ‘73 Applequist, the Nelson Science Center, and the Athletics Complex also received updates and improvements.

Bethany College programs also transformed during the year. The Path to Your Purpose initiative was implemented to connect Bethany students with pathways to career successes by providing experiential internship opportunities in new areas. A bridge program was expanded to further support rural areas in summer school programs and a task force was formed to explore ways to better support first-generation students at Bethany College.

Bethany College developed and strengthened areas of tradition this past year. Thanks to an anonymous gift to the Campus Chaplaincy, Bethany College launched a search for a full-time campus pastor to ensure our growth in purpose and faith. The Chamber Orchestra of the Smoky Valley (COSV) and the Messiah Festival and their successes further enriched Bethany College’s musical heritage.