“Bethany Backers” Complete Campaign

The 2023 “Bethany Backer’s Campaign” is complete. 

According to the school, throughout the campaign 429 Backers united to “Raise the Curtain” on renovation plans for the Burnett Center for Religion and Performing Arts. The class of 1971 was this year’s class challenge winner with 20 supporters from their class being part of this year’s Backers campaign.

Thanks to matching gifts from Tad ’81 and Mary ’82 Doering, Shelly Swayne ‘96, and Sarah Schiltz ‘05, they raised over $21,000 for the Burnett Center renovation as well as added to the annual fund contribution.

The three options from the Burnett Center renovation from which to vote were the following:

  • Repurposing the old chapel space,
  • Updating the lighting and technology
  • Enhancing the outdoor space behind Nelson Science Center

Winning by three votes, the project chosen by the Backers to accomplish is repurposing the old chapel. These gifts will help provide students with an updated space where they can learn, perform, present, and be in community.

Darren Burch 05, Bethany College Alumni Council member, notes: “There is true power in small gifts and Bethany Backers proves it. Regardless of any person’s ability to give a little, or give a lot to Bethany College, starting with $50 to become a Bethany Backer makes huge impacts–and those gifts matter. Because of Bethany Backers, we have increased the percentage of BC alumni giving to the college. This has helped the college qualify for and secure grants as well as show the Higher Learning Commission that Bethany’s friends and alumni are backers in the success of the college.”

Organizers say they are thankful to the Bethany Backers donors as well as the Bethany College Alumni Council for their dedication, time, and service for a successful 2023 Backers campaign.