Behind the Lens, Connecting to People

Dominik Williams always had a creative side growing up in Salina. Painting and drawing in high school provided an outlet to express himself – but a photography class at Johnson County Community College captured his heart.

“I loved it instantly, Williams said. “I knew this is what I was born to do, and I haven’t really looked back since.”

That passion has led to multiple photo gigs, online projects and also having his work published in Rolling Stone Magazine. The artist makes his home in Kansas City which provides diverse backdrops and communities to explore and create in.

Along the way, Williams tells KSAL News that working behind the lens is really about connecting with people.



Williams’ photographs are now part of an exhibit curated by Salina hip-hop artist, poet and educator Cash Hollistah.

“We are the Culture,” is open at The Gallery on the campus of Kansas Wesleyan until February 20. Admission is free.



According to the school, the exhibit features mixed media works by 10 African American artists from Central Kansas. Paintings, photography, hair and culinary arts are a few of the mediums that will be on display.

Cash Hollistah and Dominik Williams at work on a video project in Salina.


Hollistah describes the exhibit as one to “emphasize …the idea that African American culture is the backbone of American culture. Steeped in realism, with touches of symbolism, the pieces represent the highs and lows of being a ‘black creative’ in Kansas and, in essence, America.”

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