Baseball/Softball School at The Yard

The hot corner in baseball has always been located at third base – but Salina’s new hot corner for training baseball and softball players now resides at 4th and Walnut.

The Yard boasts 5 full-sized batting cages inside an old warehouse that lends to the feel of a classic ballpark surrounding you with exposed brick walls and turf flooring.

Head Coach/Operations Manager Brian Guyett tells KSAL News that the vision came together through the leadership of Dr. Guy Gross. “He wanted to make the community of Salina better at baseball and softball,” he said.

After looking at several options, stakeholders settled on a property just across the street from the Salina Art Center Warehouse on 4th Street to begin gutting and repurposing the space.

Although The Yard is already open for hitting – two thirds of the operation remain under construction. When completed the training space will have an outdoor 120′ x 120′ turf square that is covered and netted for infield practice, plus another indoor space that caters to pitchers.

Guyett says the Rapsodo digital technology and personal coaching will help pitchers at every level become more complete players.


Work crews expect the pitching center and outdoor turf practice field to be completed by early May.