Bar Window Shattered

The Voo, a bar on N. Santa Fe is feeling a little drafty after a Salina man broke their front window.

Captain Paul Forester of the Salina Police Department tells KSAL staff the incident occurred on November 23rd around 9:20 PM. Brandon Davis a 37-year-old Salina man had previously been banned from the bar at 249 N. Santa Fe but chose to enter anyway. Davis was immediately told to leave and after exiting the building, broke the front window.

The 6 ft. by 6 ft. curved glass was worth $5,000 because of its special shape and size.

On November 28th around 9:40 PM officers were called to Bishop Street Tavern in the 700 block of Bishop St. after Davis peacefully entered the establishment.  He was arrested for a charge of Damage to Property following the incident at The Voo.