Bar Thieves Caught

A man and woman were arrested after a midday burglary at a Salina bar.

According to Police Captain Paul Forrester 36-year-old Joseph Vela and 46-year-old Juli Capps were taken into custody Tuesday night after officers found them in an SUV on N. 9th.

Police say earlier in the day a staff member at Hank’s Tavern, 116 S. Broadway had left the bar on an errand and forgot to lock up. When they returned they discovered someone had slipped inside and taken a bank bag filled with cash.

Video showed the female drinking a beer before grabbing a cell phone and cash bag and leaving in a gold, GMC Yukon.

Around 10:40pm an officer on patrol recognized the parked vehicle and engaged the two in a conversation that led to their arrests.

Capps is facing charges that could include burglary and theft. Vela is also facing a burglary charge in the case. Loss was listed at just over $500.