Bank Fraud Caller, Victimizes Salina Area Woman

On June 5th and the 7th, a 78-year old Salina area female, received two calls about bank fraud.

Sheriff Roger Soldan tells KSAL, the victim received an unrecognizable call from a local bank fraud agent on June 5th. The caller told the victim, “that people are trying to take money out of their account, and to immediately withdraw funds.”

The victim was told to meet the “fraud agent” at the local bank with the withdrawn funds, but the caller told her, “he could not make it.” The unknown caller then, convinced the victim to mail $5,500 to an address in California.

The local bank noticed the withdrawal, and stopped the money from getting shipped to CA.

The unknown caller then advised the victim to buy gift cards, and give the numbers of the purchased gift cards over the phone. The 78-year old victim bought $1000 of Sam’s Club gift cards, and $1,500 worth of Lowe’s gift cards.

Sheriff Soldan tells KSAL, two days later on June 7th, the same 78-year old Salina area female, received an apparent phone-call from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.

The Salina area victim answered and discovered the call to be fraudulent before hanging up.

Some of the cash was recovered, but the victim is still out $2,500 total.

Sheriff Soldan tells KSAL, he wants people to understand, “the Sheriff’s office will never call anyone about money and to personally talk to your bank if you received a call from them.”