Axtell Kansas Man Arrested in Salina

A man from northeast Kansas was booked into jail in Salina Wednesday. Requested charges include 2 counts of criminal trespass and theft.

Captian Gary Hanus of the Salina Police Department tells KSAL News that this has been an ongoing case.

Earlier this month the City of Salina had noticed someone had been driving a specific vehicle on the flood control dike on the north end of town. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the dike so City employees called the Police Department.

With a witnesses information, police were able to determine the vehicle was a 2022 Toyota Tacoma pickup. Valued at $34,000, the vehicle was rented from Hertz on the 24th of August and was supposed to have been returned on the 31st.

Upon calling Hertz on the 15th of September, officers were informed that the return date had been changed to September 16th. When officers contacted Hurtz again on the 21st a company representative told police the pickup had not been returned, and the credit card used to rent the vehicle had been turned off. Hertz then filed the truck as stolen.

A patrol officer later noticed the vehicle in the Pilot Travel Center parking lot on N. Ninth Street. The occupant was identified as Michael A. Flanagan, a 76-year-old from Axtell Kansas. He was also identified as the man who had rented the pickup. He was booked into the Saline County Jail on Wednesday with requested charges of criminal trespass and theft.