Auto Accident Causes Minor Damage to Catholic Charities of Salina

An accident that occurred on Tuesday afternoon caused damage to the building that houses Catholic Charities of Salina at 1500 S. 9th St.

Sydney Ingraham was traveling northbound on 9th St. and following a vehicle that was going to turn left, when the driver of the vehicle went to turn, they became confused by construction markings. When the confusion occurred, the vehicle being driven by Ingraham swerved to avoid the car in front of her.

When she swerved, her vehicle went over the curb and then struck one of the poles holding an awning at Catholic Charities. The car continued until it hit part of the building and the second pole holding up the awning.

Both Ingraham and the passenger in her car were checked by EMS for injury at the scene, however, they were not transported to the hospital.

No word yet as to the extent of damage to the building, but authorities say that the damage is minor.