ATM Skimmer, Surveillance Video

Police are hoping to glean information from video on who placed a skimmer device on a Salina bank’s ATM.

Captain Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that an employee at Sunflower Bank located at 245 S. 9th discovered that an external card reader had been placed on an ATM in the drive-up lane sometime over the weekend.

Sunflower contacted authorities on Sunday after the discovery and the investigation is ongoing.

Captain Forrester is urging anyone with information about who may be involved in the scheme to contact police. He also advised patrons of all banks to be vigilant when using ATMs or paying for gas at the pump with a card.

Authorities advise to take a good look at the keypad and card reader to make sure they have not been tampered with. To date, no one has reported a loss of funds or misuse of data in connection to the card skimmer that was found on Sunday.