Arson Prompts Mental Health Care

An arson case ends with a Salina man being sent to the Larned State Hospital to receive mental health care.

According to Salina Police, officers were alerted to a reported arson that occurred in a public restroom in the 200 block of S. 7th Street. Police worked with the Salina Fire Department Arson Investigators to identify possible suspects.

The investigation revealed the possibility of involvement by persons who may suffer from mental health issues. The Salina Police Co-Responder Team worked the case. The team was formed with Saline County Peace Officers and Mental Health Professionals from Central Kansas Mental Heal Center, to work with persons who may be involved in criminal offenses, but may benefit from Mental Health services versus the criminal justice route.

The Co-Responder team contacted a suspect on Tuesday regarding the underlying criminal offenses. The person showed signs that they were a danger to themselves and the public. They were evaluated for in-patient mental health care. The person was later admitted to Larned State Hospital for care and treatment