Arrest Made After Struggle, Drugs Found

Two Salina residents are facing charges after a traffic stop turned into a physical altercation.

Ethan Cole, 30, is facing charges that include possession of an opiate, heroin and marijuana, all with an intent to distribute, one count of criminal damage to property, one count of interference of a law enforcement officer and two counts of battery of a law enforcement officer among others. Christy Piercy, 29, is also facing charges of one count of battery of a law enforcement officer and one count of interference of a law enforcement officer.

Police Capt. Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that the situation started Wednesday night at 8:45. An officer pulled Cole over in a Honda Civic in the 1200 block of University Place. The officer knew that Cole had a suspended license. The stop was conducted, and Cole pulled into the driveway of a residence at 102 N. West Place. Cole and Piercy, who was a passenger in the vehicle, got out of the car to walk into the house. The officer had Cole stay behind and return to the vehicle.

The officer then noticed an odor of marijuana coming from the car. Cole exited the vehicle again and pushed the officer with his shoulder and elbow and tried to shut the car door. The push broke the officer’s flashlight.

By that time, another officer arrived and a struggle to detain Cole started. One officer was hit in the face, cutting his lip. In the process, Piercy rejoined the fold and tried to pull an officer off of the pile. Both Cole and Piercy were then arrested.

After a search of the vehicle, baggies of black tar heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana were all found.