Arrest After Shots Fired

A Salina man was booked into jail after he turned himself in following a road rage incident in which shots were fired.

Police say on Friday night at 10:15 officers responded to a call of possible shots fired in the area Santa Fe and Crawford. Contact was made with a 47-year-old male who reported while driving south on Santa Fe, a white Dodge truck nearly struck his vehicle. He then stopped behind the Dodge truck at the stop light of Santa Fe and Crawford. He exited his vehicle and approached the Dodge truck to confront the driver.

The driver of the Dodge truck fired three shots in the direction of the man, missing him. The Dodge truck left the area. Shell casings were located in the area.

At approximately 11:40 officers responded to the Saline County Jail, where 23-year-old Connor Schmeck had been brought to the jail by family to turn himself in for the road rage incident. A handgun was recovered.

Schmeck was charged with one count of Aggravated Assault and Criminal Discharge of a Weapon.

The Salina Police Department wants to remind everyone to treat others with respect and compassion not only on the road ways but in general. It is important to understand road rage events can escalate very quickly. Please think before acting and consider the consequences. Do not take the law into your own hands.

If you believe someone has committed a crime or traffic infraction contact your local police department so it can be investigated and handled lawfully. Those who take the law into their own hands face legal ramifications to include incarceration.

Friday night’s incident is a reminder how quickly confronting others can turn into life threatening situation not only for those directly involved but also innocent bystanders. Fortunately no one was injured