Area Students Win Hansen Scholarships

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation of Logan, Kansas has named 260 high school seniors from 59 Northwest Kansas schools as winners in its 41st annual scholarship competition.  In addition, fifteen scholarships have been awarded to Kansas Community or Technical College Transfer students who are planning to continue their education at a Kansas four-year college or university.

In selecting award winners, the Scholarship Committee considered proficiency in verbal and writing skills.  Other important factors are academic records, test scores, and community service in which the student may have participated.

Ten students have won Hansen Leader of Tomorrow scholarships.  These awards are for $10,000 and may be renewable for three additional years.  Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals.  Here are the winners, with those in the area highlighted:

Trenton Potter, Hays H.S.                                                Sylina Zhang, Hays H.S.

Raenee Patterson, Norton Comm. H.S.                           Lanessa Aurand, Republic Co. H.S.

Joshua Bergkamp, Sacred Heart H.S.                             Matthew Cavender, Sacred Heart H.S.

Thomas Williams, Sacred Heart H.S.                               Jamie Hawley, Salina Central H.S.

Jiaying Wang, Salina South H.S.                                     Maria Valentina Ortega, SE of Saline H.S.


Fifty Hansen Scholar winners were selected.  The stipend of $6,500 was granted for one year and may be renewed for one additional year under the same general conditions as set forth in the Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship.  Here are the winners, with those in the area highlighted:

Joshua Timme, Concordia H.S.                                        Kelly Brown, Decatur Comm. H.S.

Kade Grafel, Decatur Comm. H.S.                                    Jonathon Howland, Decatur H.S.

Erianna Basgall, Ellis H.S.                                                 Gage Phillips, Hays H.S.

Scott Ring, Hays H.S.                                                         Nikki Vuong, Hays H.S.

Taylor Dinkel, TMP-Marian H.S.                                        John Drees, TMP-Marian H.S.

Laura Krug, TMP-Marian H.S.                                           Justin Pfeifer, TMP-Marian H.S.

Melissa Pfeifer, TMP-Marian H.S.                                     Morgan Weber, TMP-Marian H.S.

Katelyn Lee, Quinter H.S.                                                  Faith Tuttle, Wheatland H.S.

Emily Cox, Rock Hills H.S.                                                Grant Davis, Rock Hills H.S.

Megan Bates, St. John’s H.S.                                           Philip Boutwell, Norton H.S.

Hailey Branek, Norton H.S.                                               Weston Erbert, Norton H.S.

Dean Masters, Natoma H.S.                                             Abby Jurgensmeier, Bennington H.S.

Kyler Mick, Bennington H.S.                                             Eric Yoxall, Minneapolis H.S.

Heyley Bauer, Republic Co. H.S.                                     Dene´ Dryden, Palco H.S.

Daylan Carlson, Stockton H.S.                                         Donald Riffel, Stockton H.S.

Zackery Bieberly, Sacred Heart H.S.                               Ingrid Herrenbruck, Sacred Heart H.S.

John Paul Jacobs, Sacred Heart H.S.                             Stephen Loader, Sacred Heart H.S.

Grace Claman, Salina Central H.S.                                 Zachary Hilbig, Salina Central H.S.

Sienna Poague, Salina Central H.S.                               Joshua Walters, Salina Central H.S.

Alexander Wilson, Salina Central H.S.                           Alexcis Barnes, Salina South H.S.

Ethan Zajac, Salina South H.S.                                      Noah Zajac, Salina South H.S.

Sarah Zajac, Salina South H.S.                                     Dakota Came, Ell-Saline H.S.

Wyatt Rutherford, SE of Saline H.S.                              Faith Biermann, Goodland H.S.

Jacob Long, Smith Center H.S.                                     Allison Friesen, Colby H.S.

Desiree Schippers, Colby H.S.                                      Audra Bergquist, Trego Comm. H.S.


One hundred Hansen Student winners were selected.  These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record.  Here are the winners, with those in the area highlighted:

Devon Janicke, Cheylin H.S.                                        Reece Leonard, Cheylin H.S.

Hannah Wolff, St. Francis H.S.                                    Derek Reese, Clifton Clyde H.S.

Emily Larson, Decatur Comm. H.S.                             Alexandra Waterman, Decatur Comm. H.S.

Dylan Haas, Ellis H.S.                                                 Sintia Jimenez, Ellis H.S.

Amy Molstad, Ellis H.S.                                               Rylee Torline, Ellis H.S.

Brooks Barber, Hays H.S.                                           Taylor DeBoer, Hays H.S.

Kacie Engel, Hays H.S.                                               Courtney Green, Hays H.S.

Brenden Koenigsman, Hays H.S.                                Rachel Nansel, Hays H.S.

Caleb Pfeifer, Hays H.S.                                              Kirsten Prindle, Hays H.S.

Emily Prine, Hays H.S.                                                Jared Thom, Hays H.S.

Jordan Voss, Hays H.S.                                              Annaka Applequist, TMP-Marian H.S.

Kelsie DeWitt, TMP-Marian H.S.                                Patrick Kepka, TMP-Marian H.S.

Jordyn Manhart, TMP-Marian H.S.                            Jared Vitztum, TMP-Marian H.S.

Nathaniel Walters, TMP-Marian H.S.                         Holden Mauerhan, Rock Hills H.S.

Allison Railsback, Rock Hills H.S.                              Lindsay Crist, Lincoln H.S.

Catherine Huskey, Lincoln H.S.                                 Ashley Wollesen, Lincoln H.S.

Courtney Batchman, Sylvan-Lucas Unified H.S.       Cole Zimmerman, Oakley H.S.

Fred Schertz, Triplains H.S.                                      Evan Brandt, Beloit H.S.

Ciara Calhoon, Beloit H.S.                                        Chris Chandler, Beloit H.S.

Audrey Finney, Beloit H.S.                                        Noah Marozas, Beloit H.S.

Michaela Pingel, Beloit H.S.                                      Audrey Shamburg, Beloit H.S.

Garrhett McKain, Tipton H.S.                                    Brianna Martin, Northern Valley H.S.

Audrie Burge, Norton H.S.                                        MaKinlie Hennes, Lakeside H.S.

Brittany Grabast, Osborne H.S.                                Olivia Stewart, Bennington H.S.

Shayleigh Allison, Minneapolis H.S.                         Moriah Ausherman, Minneapolis H.S.

Brik Thompson, Minneapolis H.S.                             Regan Kats, Logan H.S.

Suzanne Huntley, Phillipsburg H.S.                           William Lawson, Rawlins Co. H.S.

Tucker Allen, Republic Co. H.S.                                 Brianne Little, Republic Co. H.S.

Tyler Popelka, Republic Co. H.S.                               Cameron Wilber, Republic Co. H.S.

Brooklyn Eilers, Plainville H.S.                                    Andrea Buss, Stockton H.S.

Allison Dix, Stockton H.S.                                            Riley Drees, Ell-Saline H.S.

Jacob Bulleigh, Sacred Heart H.S.                              Emily Greene, Sacred Heart H.S.

Alex Elmore, Sacred Heart H.S.                                  Jack Skidmore, Sacred Heart H.S.

Makenzi Carlgren, Salina Central H.S.                        Trey Cullins, Salina Central H.S.

Mary Freelove, Salina Central H.S.                             Marshall Hanson, Salina Central H.S.

Nash Johnson, Salina Central H.S.                             Cole Leiker, Salina Central H.S.

Savanna Smith, Salina Central H.S.                            Brendan Borcherding, Salina South H.S.

Jonathan Coleman, Salina South H.S.                        Benjamin Cooper, Salina South H.S.

Trevor Hawk, Salina South H.S.                                  Zachary Kaszycki, Salina South H.S.

Matthew Luber, Salina South H.S.                               Brandon Magazine, Salina South H.S.

Danielle Morton, Salina South H.S.                              Elizabeth Motter, Salina South H.S.

Nathan Roker, Salina South H.S.                                  Anthony Russ, Salina South H.S.

James Warren, Salina South H.S.                                Tabor Rucker, Hoxie H.S.

Brevin Bergsma, Goodland H.S.                                   Sarah Bieker, Goodland H.S.

Grace Cole, Goodland H.S.                                           Rheagan Hageman, Goodland H.S.

Katlyn Seeger, Goodland H.S.                                       Michelle Palmer, Smith Center H.S.

Bailey Strine, Smith Center H.S.                                    Rachel Browne, Colby H.S.

Brielle McKee, Colby H.S.                                              Madison Walz, Golden Plains H.S.

Ryan Deaver, Trego Comm. H.S.                                   Tanner Townley, Trego Comm. H.S.

Alexis Bergquist, Wallace Co. H.S.                                 Mason Sherer, Wallace Co. H.S.

Twenty Community or Technical College Transfer scholarships were made available to Kansas Community or Technical College students of the current school year who plan to continue their education at a four-year Kansas college or university.  These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one year upon completion of satisfactory work as evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.  This year we had fifteen qualified applicants.  The winners are:

Jacob Brubaker, Cheylin H.S.                                           Miranda Mansfield, Concordia H.S.

Joshua Pounds, Concordia H.S.                                       Grace Randel, Decatur Comm. H.S.

Ashley Witt, Decatur Comm. H.S.                                     Ryan Mayorga, TMP-Marian H.S.

Avery Lee, Quinter H.S.                                                    Tyler Marr, Rock Hills H.S.

Sheena Brubaker, Minneapolis H.S.                                 Marci Glennemeier, Logan H.S.

Wade Kennedy, Phillipsburg H.S.                                     Wade Niermeier, Hoxie H.S.

Tristan Sasse, Smith Center H.S.                                     Blake Huxman, Trego Comm. H.S.

Callahan Grund, Wallace Co. H.S.


For students interested in a Career and Technical Education scholarship, the Foundation offered one hundred.  These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. Winners of Career and Technical Education scholarships are:

Danea Magnani, Cheylin H.S.                                          Kelsey Miller, Cheylin H.S.

Jakob Church, St. Francis H.S.                                        Michaela Ford, St. Francis H.S.

Travis Rogers, St. Francis H.S.                                        Hannah Stafford, St. Francis H.S.

Zachary White, St. Francis H.S.                                       Joshua Mueller, Clifton Clyde H.S.

Jared Knapp, Concordia H.S.                                           Maddison Peltier, Concordia H.S.

Connor Graham, Miltonvale H.S.                                      Konnor Witt, Decatur Comm. H.S.

Kobe Armbruster, Ellis H.S.                                               Ryan Augustine, Ellis H.S.

Madelynn Gnad, Ellis H.S.                                                 Theron Schmidt, Ellis H.S.

Tori Tebo, Ellis H.S.                                                           Brianna Koenigsman, Hays H.S.

DeMetria McCoy, Hays H.S.                                              Jacob Meis, Hays H.S.

Jarett Pfannenstiel, Hays H.S.                                          Diana Rodriguez, Hays H.S.

Benjamin Sadler, Hays H.S.                                              McKayla Schonthaler, Hays H.S.

Rhiannon Silva, Hays H.S.                                                Kelsea Kraus, Ellsworth H.S.

Emmery Ristvedt, Wilson H.S.                                           Ashlyn Weinhold, Wilson H.S.

Michaela Borger, Quinter H.S.                                          Justin Flax, Quinter H.S.

Taya Thornburg, Quinter H.S.                                           Kaleb Holaday, Wheatland H.S.

Aaron Davis, Hill City H.S.                                                 Gage Hardiek, Hill City H.S.

Clay Money, Hill City H.S.                                                  Haley Kussman, Rock Hills H.S.

Terri Slick, Rock Hills H.S.                                                 Dustin Harp, Sylvan-Lucas Unified H.S.

Bradee Naylor, Sylvan-Lucas Unified H.S.                       Jessica Winckler, Sylvan-Lucas Unified H.S.

Allison Kirkendall, Lincoln H.S.                                         Alexander Winters, Lincoln H.S.

Skylar Hanson, Triplains H.S.                                           Kelly Lamb, Triplains H.S.

Lily Mays, Triplains H.S.                                                    Coleton Rogge, Triplains H.S.

Kirsten Joy, Beloit H.S.                                                      Bryce Nichols, Beloit H.S.

Anthonella Arthur, St. John H.S.                                       Hanna Brooks, Norton Comm. H.S.

Brendon Frack, Norton Comm. H.S.                                 Dalton Pfannenstiel, Norton Comm. H.S.

Katrina Werthmann, Osborne H.S.                                   Jace Gordon, Phillipsburg H.S.

Trent Solida, Phillipsburg H.S.                                          Kian Stegmaier, Phillipsburg H.S.

Austin Tien, Logan H.S.                                                    Dustin Branaugh, Pike Valley H.S.

Cole Thomas, Pike Valley H.S.                                         Riley Palmer, Republic Co. H.S.

Ciara Gibbs, Stockton H.S.                                                Jordan Lindquist, Ell-Saline H.S.

Gregory Mason, Ell-Saline H.S.                                        Yadira Nunez, Ell-Saline H.S.

Matthew Parks, Ell-Saline H.S.                                         Taven Haith, Salina Central H.S.

Karlton Hoopes, Salina Central H.S.                                Corbin Luce, Salina Central H.S.

Andrew Rutherford, Salina Central H.S.                          Mikaylee Velasquez, Salina Central H.S.

Bodhi Hannert, Salina South H.S.                                    Paden Smith, Salina South H.S.

Brooke Albright, SE of Saline H.S.                                   Lexy Crumpton, SE of Saline H.S.

Tyler Heath, SE of Saline H.S.                                         Jameon Seim, SE of Saline H.S.

Sarah Starr, SE of Saline H.S.                                          Delani White, SE of Saline H.S.

Taylore Schamberger, Hoxie H.S.                                    Allinexis Castillo-Lozano, Goodland H.S.

Cody Carder, Smith Center H.S.                                       Lara Cox, Smith Center H.S.

Kaitie Long, Smith Center H.S.                                         Cierra Schmidt, Smith Center H.S.

Justin Schmidt, Brewster H.S.                                           Chase Cersovsky, Colby H.S.

Kylie Ritter, Colby H.S.                                                      Clae Schmidt, Colby H.S.

Dakota Bliss, Trego Comm. H.S.                                      Cedric Flax, Trego Comm. H.S.

Macy Mattheyer, Trego Comm. H.S.                                Shawnee Phillips, Trego Comm. H.S.

Seth Wilds, Trego Comm. H.S.                                         Nathaniel Bussen, Wallace Co. H.S.

Madisan Nicholson, Wallace Co. H.S.                              McKenna Hale, Weskan H.S.

Layne Miller, Weskan H.S.                                                Kenli Murphy, Weskan H.S.

Hans Rorstrom, Sola Flos Academy (Homeschool)           Edgar Valenzuela, Weskan H.S.