Area Students Win Hansen Scholarships

Multiple area students have earned scholarships through the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

According to the organization, they have named 223 high school seniors from 59 Northwest Kansas schools as winners in its 46th annual scholarship competition. In selecting award winners, the Scholarship Committee considered proficiency in verbal and writing skills.  Other important factors are academic records, test scores, and community service in which the student may have participated.

Seven students have won Hansen Leader of Tomorrow scholarships.  These awards are for $10,000 and may be renewable for three additional years.  Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals.  This year’s winners are:

Alicia Feyerherm Hays H.S., Andrew Duke Hays H.S., Rachel Sebesta Ellsworth H.S.,  Douglas Koch Clifton-Clyde H.S., Reese Altman Salina South H.S., Spencer Angell Salina Central H.S., Adelaide Easter Sacred Heart H.S.

Thirty-Five Hansen Scholar winners were selected.  The stipend of $6,500 was granted for one year and may be renewable for three additional years.  Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals.  This year’s winners are:

Brady Schoenrogge St. Francis H.S. / KAMS, Daniel Eck Ellis H.S., Grace Eck Ellis H.S., Ginny Ke Hays H.S., Benjamin Pfannenstiel TMP-Marian H.S., Hunter Flax TMP-Marian H.S., Kinley Windholz Victoria H.S., Adam Vehring Ellsworth H.S., Jonathan Spachek Ellsworth H.S., Logan Erichsen Ellsworth H.S., Gabriel Jonsson Lincoln H.S., Kaiden Hardin Beloit H.S., Keighlee Armstrong Beloit H.S., Abigail DuBois Norton Comm. H.S., Coral Stewart Norton Comm. H.S., Kennedy Yeager Norton Comm. H.S., Sarah David Norton Comm. H.S., Jonas Bowles Lakeside H.S., Spencer Davidson Minneapolis H.S., Kylie Flax Tescott H.S., Cole Birky Russell H.S., Lily Garland Russell H.S., Jack Elmore Sacred Heart H.S., Katherine Bergkamp Sacred Heart H.S., Avery Darby Salina Central H.S., Emma Smith Salina South H.S., Maya Daily Salina South H.S., Nathan Streeter Salina South H.S., Makenna Roths SE of Saline H.S., Tyler Breeding SE of Saline H.S., Kyler Niblock Hoxie H.S., Jazlynn Fenner Goodland H.S., Jaren Rush Colby H.S., Wyndom Giefer Trego Comm. H.S. and Stephany Rother Weskan H.S.

The Foundation offered seventy scholarships for Hansen Student winners.  These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record.  This year’s winners are:

Chloe Conway Concordia H.S., Conner Thrash Concordia H.S., Clay Shaw Ellis H.S., Lyndsy Hinman Ellis H.S., Maci Kohl Ellis H.S., Alicia Phlieger Hays H.S., Allison Brooks Hays H.S., Amanti Debelo Hays H.S., Ashley Vilaysing Hays H.S., Caitlin Leiker Hays H.S., Dalyn Schwarz Hays H.S., Gabe McGuire Hays H.S., Kamryn Schoenberger Hays H.S., Kilee Hale Hays H.S., Marrissa Raynesford Hays H.S., Sierra Smith Hays H.S., Sophia Garrison Hays H.S., Zachary Chance Hays H.S., Sarah Braun TMP-Marian H.S., Seth Perrett TMP-Marian H.S., Jaycee Cunningham Ellsworth H.S., Kelsey Ashbaugh Ellsworth H.S., Shaylee Leiker Ellsworth H.S., Reegan Scott Quinter H.S., Brianna Mikkelson Hill City H.S., Jarrett Sporer Oakley H.S., Camden Waters Beloit H.S., Jenna Loomis Beloit H.S., Maddison File Beloit H.S., Shawn Clark Beloit H.S., Jonah Ruder Norton Comm. H.S., Kylee Mapes Norton Comm. H.S., Nathan Branek Norton Comm. H.S., Leonie Harzman Lakeside H.S. / KAMS, Jayci Shepard Bennington H.S., Courtney Forte Minneapolis H.S., Rachael Bradshaw Minneapolis H.S., Khloee Braun Logan H.S., Nicholas Schemper Phillipsburg H.S., Ayden Krohn Republic Co. H.S., Clay Pelton Plainville H.S., Roxanne Kaiser Sacred Heart H.S., Erin Flax Salina Central H.S., Hana North Salina Central H.S., Makenzie Maring Salina Central H.S., Reagan Stein Salina Central H.S., Reed McHenry Salina Central H.S., Adeline Ollenberger Salina South H.S., Madalyn Crow Salina South H.S., Maeci Exline Salina South H.S., Megan Householter Salina South H.S., Morgan Fischer Salina South H.S., Sarah Schrage Salina South H.S., Tiana Marian Salina South H.S., Andrew Hanson SE of Saline H.S., Grant Stumpf SE of Saline H.S., Kennedy Gottschalk SE of Saline H.S., Taylor McQuillan SE of Saline H.S., Jackson Pinckney Smith Center H.S., Malachi DeHaan Turkey Trot Homeschool, Gabriel Friess Hoxie H.S., Hannah Eller Hoxie H.S., Alexis Wynn Goodland H.S., Mason Neal Goodland H.S., Jarek Meyer Smith Center H.S., Claire Nelson Colby H.S., Oaklynn Carman Colby H.S., Brooke Stoll Golden Plains H.S., Alyssa Pierce Wallace Co. H.S. and Victoria Springsteel Wallace Co. H.S.

For students interested in a Career and Technical Education scholarship, the Foundation offered the following scholarships.  These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record.   Winners of Career and Technical Education scholarships are:

Alex Dart Cheylin H.S., Tyler Sabatka Cheylin H.S., Rylan Doyle St. Francis H.S., Kael Lange Clifton-Clyde H.S., Mallory Callihan Clifton-Clyde H.S., Quin Girard Clifton-Clyde H.S., Teresa Barnes Concordia H.S., Olivia Rolph Miltonvale H.S., Clay North Ellis H.S., Cody Eberle Ellis H.S., Donovan Colby Ellis H.S., Jacy Fischer Ellis H.S., Konnor Pfeifer Ellis H.S., Matthew Bieker Ellis H.S., Sarah Wilson Ellis H.S., Brent Rohr Hays H.S., Caden Riat Hays H.S., Cody Walters Hays H.S., Colter Conger Hays H.S., Derek Eichman Hays H.S., Ean Dexter Hays H.S., Jacob Pfeifer Hays H.S., Kylie Clark Hays H.S., Maddlyn William Hays H.S., Nathan Casper Hays H.S., Nolan Klaus Hays H.S., Sean Gillock Hays H.S., Treyton Schumacher Hays H.S., Tyree Turnbull Hays H.S., Kaleb Neher Sonrise Academy Homeschool, Garrett Pfeifer TMP-Marian H.S., Jeffrey Heimann TMP-Marian H.S., Kooper Hudsonpillar TMP-Marian H.S., Marcus Lagree TMP-Marian H.S., Zachary Meis TMP-Marian H.S., Ethan Rupp Victoria H.S., Jason Karst Victoria H.S., Justin Braun Victoria H.S., Kyle Pickering Victoria H.S., Morgan Dorzweiler Victoria H.S., Hannah Brown Ellsworth H.S., Jasmine Conley Ellsworth H.S., Teagon Nienke Ellsworth H.S., Cooper Weinhold Wilson H.S., Chalea Kvasnicka Quinter H.S., Dusty Pister Quinter H.S., Abby Smith Hill City H.S., Breckan Born Hill City H.S., Gabriella VanLoenen Hill City H.S., Caden Slate Rock Hills H.S., Elizabeth Meyers Rock Hills H.S., Aliya Holzmeister Oakley H.S., John Stoecker Oakley H.S., Monica Macias Oakley H.S., Cooper Adams Beloit H.S., Alyssa Lowe Lakeside H.S., Aaron Hake Tipton H.S., Dalton Schmitt Tipton H.S., Colton Peterson Norton Comm. H.S., Olivia Carter Norton Comm. H.S., Sydney Menagh Norton Comm. H.S., Carley Chrisler Natoma H.S., Jayce Dickerson Natoma H.S., Resyna Shelton Natoma H.S., Calie Wolters Osborne H.S., Daniel Watson Minneapolis H.S., Trent Moeckel Minneapolis H.S., Zach Travis Minneapolis H.S., Abby Roth Phillipsburg H.S., Kaycee Russell Phillipsburg H.S., Lillian Rippe Rawlins Co. H.S., Charity Tabor Republic Co. H.S., Gunnar Couture Republic Co.  H.S., Taylor Cherney Republic Co. H.S., Chloe Plumer Stockton H.S., Kaden Kriley Stockton H.S., Nolan Buss Stockton H.S., Payden Leiker Russell H.S., Samuel Nuss Russell H.S., Talia Seib Russell H.S., Corbin Schneider Ell-Saline H.S., Elizabeth Faerber Sacred Heart H.S., Emma Clouse Sacred Heart H.S., Luke Gaskill Sacred Heart H.S., Bree Isaacson SE of Saline H.S., Aiden Baalman Hoxie H.S., Chelsey Knitig Goodland H.S., Leah Carter Goodland H.S., Ryan Berls Goodland H.S., Trevor Daise Goodland H.S., Charles Timmons Smith Center H.S., Kandis Frydendall Smith Center H.S., Caleb Dodds Thunder Ridge H.S., Edgar Banuelos-Galicia Thunder Ridge H.S., Mary Jo Shook Thunder Ridge H.S., Eli Applebury Colby H.S., Landon Rinehart Colby H.S., Lydia Rinehart Colby H.S., Ashley Stoll Golden Plains H.S., Danica Ritter Golden Plains H.S., Hannah Bange Golden Plains H.S., Wade Rush Golden Plains H.S., Jessie Carman Wallace Co. H.S., Noah Van Allen Wallace Co. H.S., Brooklyn Bussen Wallace Co. H.S., Kylie Ryser Wallace Co. H.S., Maria Escamilla Wallace Co. H.S., Regan Stramel Wallace Co. H.S., Briann Box Weskan H.S., JC Allen Weskan H.S. and Makenzie Eck Weskan H.S.