Area Group’s Humanitarian Effort Continues

Five years after a devastating earthquake an area organization’s humanitarian relief effort continues.

On January 12, 2010 at 4:53 in the afternoon, time stopped in Haiti. The very homes that the children lived in became their coffin. Those children in the middle of their childhood seemed to suffer the most.

When Barry Borror, President & CEO of Star of Hope International visited in the days following the earthquake he saw in their eyes, loss and suffering. Everything they thought was dependable was taken from them in those few minutes that afternoon.

Today, the youngest of the children don’t remember that day. Life and excitement is seen in their eyes. Even those that lived through it have learned to cope and for most, their childhood returned. But that day will never be forgotten.

Star of Hope began working in Haiti in 1979 and had an effective team and system on the ground that was able to immediately begin assisting in the communities where they had been working. Star of Hope staff assessed the situation and donations began pouring in from all around the world. Soon medical trauma teams, counselors, food and other supplies reached the communities.

In the five years that have passed, the completely destroyed school buildings and churches, that Star of Hope supports, have been rebuilt and improved. With the addition of solar power, several schools now have access to electricity for the first time. All seven communities where Star of Hope works have access to clean drinking water.

Many families have received assistance thanks to the distribution of more than 2,000 chickens and goats. To date 3,000 children and their families Haiti have received direct help.

Star of Hope is having an impact in Haiti – but Barry Borror, CEO of Star of Hope USA, dreams that resources would be sufficient for more. Hunger is a continuing threat.
During the next year, food security and nutrition will be an emphasis for Star of Hope. For a little as $10 a month, someone here in the USA can provide access to nutritional and safe food for a child. Star of Hope has created a project named Lunch Buddy where anyone can join and help. More information is available on their website

Today there are still more than 80,000 people living in temporary shelters that have become permanent. Of Haiti’s 10 million inhabitants, 67% live under such difficult conditions that they routinely lack food for the day.

Star of Hope is an independent Christian organization located in Ellinwood, Kansas, helping children across the world become educated, healthy, godly men and women, who live to impact their world.

Donations to Star of Hope are tax deductible as allowed by law.