Are You A Hoarder Or Collector? Top 8 Items People Hoard

Are you a hoarder, or do you just “collect” things? What is the difference?
A Collector:

  • Takes pride in their possessions
  • Experiences joy in displaying their collections
  • Enjoys talking about their collectables
  • Keeps their collected items well organized and displayed
  • Feels satisfied when adding to their collection
  • Effectively budgets their time spent collecting for their displays
  • Effectively budgets the amount of money spent on their collections

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A Hoarder:

  • Experiences embarrassment about their possessions
  • Feels uncomfortable when others see their hoard
  • Have clutter that takes up livable space
  • Feels sad after acquiring additional items
  • Feels ashamed that they have added to their hoard
  • Are often in debt due to their hoarding
  • Have anxiety over discarding or parting with possessionsOften experience marital or family discord over the hoarding

What are the top 8 Items people usually hoard?

1. Newspapers
2. Magazines
3. Paper and Plastic Bags
4. Cardboard Boxes
5. Photographs
6. Household Supplies
7. Food
8. Clothing

What are common items people collect?
1. Sports cards
2. Coins
3. Stamps

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