April Most Wanted Online

The April list of Salina’s Most Wanted is online.

The first weekend of each month a new list of Salina’s Most Wanted is released. The April list went online Saturday.

Those on the new list are wanted for crime that include among others aggravated robbery, aggravated battery, unlawful restraint, theft, and felony drug crimes.

The March list of Salina’s Most Wanted generated over a dozen arrests, and two Crime Stoppers rewards were paid out.

Since the Most Wanted program began back in July of 2000, thanks to tips from the public, 3,694 criminals have been caught, and 452 crime stoppers rewards have been given out.

The most wanted program was founded through the cooperation of the Salina Police Department, the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, the Salina Journal, and Newsradio 1150 KSAL.

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Salina’s Most Wanted