Antique Car Bill moves Forward

Are they going to crush a classic 1959 Corvette in Kansas?

Not if Representative Leo Delperdang can help it. He’s part of an effort behind a new antique vehicle bill aimed at helping simplify how cars are classified as antiques in Kansas.

Delperdang joined in on the KSAL Morning News Extra to retell how the owner of the Corvette brought the car back to Kansas after purchasing it at a dealership in Indianapolis. A routine vin-number check at the Kansas Highway Patrol led to a troubling discovery.


According to Delperdang, the car is still impounded by KHP in Topeka.

Representative Delperdang and cohorts in the Kansas House passed a bill last week that simply states, vehicles that are 35-years or older will be classified as antiques. The bill now moves on to the Kansas Senate for a vote.

Leo Delperdang represents the 94th District in the Wichita area.