Another Gift Card Scam

A rural Saline County man is out nearly $3,000 after he was duped by a scammer claiming to be from the FBI.

Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan tells KSAL News that the 46-year-old victim lives in Saline County and received the scam phone call on Thursday.

The scammer told the victim that they were with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and had found a vehicle with blood inside on the Texas border. The scammer claimed that the vehicle had been purchased with the victim’s credit card and that the victim’s bank account had been frozen.

The scammer instructed the victim to go buy Target gift cards with money on them. The victim put $2,800 on three gift cards and gave the scammer the numbers to the gift cards believing that his bank account would be frozen if he failed to do so.

When he later checked the cards, the balance was gone.