Airborne Training Over Fort Riley This Weekend

An airborne training exercise over Fort Riley this weekend is expected to generate loud noise from low flying aircraft, particularly near the communities of Riley and Milford.

 According to the Army, the 2nd Battalion, 134th Infantry Regiment (2-134 IN) of the Nebraska Army National Guard will culminate its annual training at Fort Riley with an air drop on March 19. The exercise is scheduled to include four passes, with approximately 160 Soldiers jumping. The operation will take aircraft near the towns of Riley and Milford at low altitude and will create increased noise over the vicinity. This training is scheduled from 2 – 9 p.m. Saturday, weather permitting.

 The 2-134 Infantry is an airborne infantry battalion activated by the Nebraska Army National Guard in 2019. The Soldiers have been conducting their annual training at Fort Riley this month.

 Access to Fort Riley’s training areas is restricted. Spectators will not be allowed access to the drop zone for the health and safety of all. Individuals planning to visit Fort Riley’s outdoor recreation areas should consult to verify what training areas are closed to activities this weekend.

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Photo by Spc. giovanny lopez

173rd Airborne Brigade