Agreements Will Cement Funding Plan

Progress continues on the Fieldhouse Salina project even though crews have had to live with some rain delays.

“We’ve had a few rain days, but who is going to complain about a little bit of rain in August and early September,” said Salina City Manager Jason Gage during his monthly visit on the KSAL Morning News Tuesday.

Gage stressed the timeline for completion of the recreation facility was set at 250 days and should stay on course for a spring or early summer opening next year.

In 2017, Fieldhouse Salina is expected to help generate other projects, and investors, and to spur a total revamped downtown with a bowling alley, a high-end 5-stroy hotel and perhaps an automobile museum.

Gage said Salina City Commissioners are working on stitching together development agreements between the city and private developers for the Department of Commerce to view and for Star Bonds and other funding to come into play.

“The last big piece is the development agreement. It deals with the rules, responsibilities and obligations and deals with how things work how funding distribution works,” Gage said.