Adult Education is Community’s Rich Resource

Adult education in Salina is a rich resource.

According to USD 305 school d district, its Salina Adult Education Center is part of a national network of literacy organizations offering adult education and family literacy programs to help Americans gain the basic literacy skills they need to be employable in today’s tough economy.

According to the National Coalition for Literacy (NCL), over 40 million adults in the U.S. cannot read above a third grade level, and nearly 63 million cannot do fourth grade math. One in five adults have trouble reading communications from their children’s teachers. One in three adults have difficulty creating a household budget. One in four adults have trouble navigating websites and using digital tools at work. And among immigrants, only half are proficient in English.

“A community’s most rich resource to assist adults to gain skills and credentials to improve employment and stabilize lives is an adult education center,” said Kelly Mobray, Director of SAEC. “Our services allow adults to gain or improve their reading, writing, math and language skills to take their lives in new directions and to contribute even more to their communities.”

Adults who participate in adult education programs have higher incomes, resulting in more spending and higher tax revenue for their community, according to NCL. They have better health outcomes, leading to greater workplace productivity and a reduction in community health care costs. They have higher participation in civic activities like voting.

September 19 through 23 is Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, aiming to raise awareness of the importance of adult education. “If you are aware of someone in your community, a friend, family member or co-worker, that needs to be connected with our center for services, please encourage them or bring them in yourself.” said Mobray. “Walk beside someone who could use that empowerment and support to take the next step. Our SAEC team is ready and eager to help them earn a high school diploma, prepare for college classes or improve their English skills!”