Accused Teen Shooter Nearing Trial

  • Portions of Palacio’s interview with Salina Police shortly after the shooting will be redacted, including portions in which he discusses an unrelated affiliation with a Kansas City gang, and his criminal history. A portion in which he admits to firing the shots will not be redacted.
  • The prosecution will be allowed to refer to Allie Saum as a “victim” in the case. The defense had requested that the term “victim” not be used during the trial. Judge Young denied the request.
  • The case stems from the shooting death of 17-year-old Allie Saum. She was shot and killed on May 6th, 2015. Shots were fired at a truck as it drove eastbound in the 500 block of Russell. The truck was mis-identified as being connected to the earlier altercation. Saum was a passenger in the truck, and was hit by one of five shots that were fired. Palacio is accused of firing the shots. He is facing charges which include:
    • 1st degree murder
    • attempted 1st degree murder
    • shooting at an occupied vehicle
    • conspiracy to commit aggravated battery
    Palaico is one of 5 defendants accused of participating in the shooting. The others include:  
    • 19-year-old Jerome Forbes
    • 20-year-old Daniel Sims
    • 19-year-old Stephen Gentry
    • 18-year-old Andrew Woodring
      Two of the defendants are already waiting the be sentenced on 1st degree murder charges.  Stephen Gentry was found guilty by a jury of all charges he was facing. A couple of days later Andrew Woodring pleaded guilty to a felony 1st degree murder charge. The other charges Woodring was facing were dropped. Defendant Daniel Sims testified against Gentry during that trial, in exchange for a reduction of the charges against him. He is also expected to be a part of Palacio’s trial. Jerome Forbes has yet to stand trial. A sixth defendant is also accused in the case, 21-year-old Azucena Garcia-Ferniza. She is facing an obstruction charge, accused of trying to hide the gun that was used in the shooting. Copyright © Alpha Media, 2016. All Rights Reserved. No part of this story or website may be reproduced without Alpha Media’s express consent]]>