Accused Stabber, Victim Both Arrested

A stabbing early Monday morning led to the arrest of two women, including both the victim and the accused stabber.

Salina Police Captain Chris Trocheck says that at around 6:30 Monday morning 18-year-old Jenifer Sharp was stabbed during an altercation over property.

Police arrested 25-year-old Jamie Wood in connection with the stabbing.

Sharp was transported to Salina Regional Health Center, where she was treated and released.

Trocheck says that after she was released, Sharp was also arrested. She provided false information about her identity to both police and hospital officials. Police believe that in an effort to avoid arrest because of multiple outstanding warrants Sharp provided the false information.

Jamie Wood could face charges that include aggravated battery. Along with charges from her outstanding warrants, Jenifer Sharp could face new charges that include aggravated false impersonation.


Jamie Wood

Jamie Wood is accused of stabbing Jenifer Sharp during an altercation over property.


Jenifer Sharp

Jenifer Sharp is accused of providing a false identity to both police and hospital officials.