Accused Burglar Briefly Escapes Custody

A man who fell through a ceiling early Monday morning while allegedly trying to burglarize a downtown Salina business is facing additional charges after briefly escaping from custody.

Salina Police Sgt. James Feldman says that 32-year-old Nicholas Briggs briefly broke away from an officer inside the police station and ran. He was quickly caught, on the other side of the building in the office area of the Saline County Sherriff’s Office.

Briggs, who was not in handcuffs, was in a secure interview room. An officer was preparing to walk him to the Saline County Jail when Briggs slammed a door on the officer’s hand and ran.

Briggs had earlier in the day been taken into custody at Taco John’s at 303 S. Santa Fe. Police had responded to the restaurant after a manager heard what was believed to be someone trying to break into a safe. As police were searching the building, Briggs fell through the ceiling.

Along with charges from the Taco John’s incident, Briggs could face additional charges that could include battery of a law enforcement officer and aggravated escape from custody.