Accuracy of Wireless Service Maps Questioned

Saline County is aware that many residents struggle with their internet connection, and now there is the chance to do something about it.

According to the county, the Federal Communications Commission has a new map to show where internet service is and is not available across the country, and they need your help to ensure its accuracy.

You can check- and challenge- the accuracy of the FCC’s map at the link below. The accuracy of this map will help determine how much federal funding states will receive to help close the gaps in internet service.

FCC Mapping Challenge

Maps that show the availability of high-speed Internet service are nothing new. The problem is that the FCC’s maps had previously relied on information that failed to paint the whole picture of who did and who did not have the internet. The FCC’s older maps collected data at the census block level, meaning that if a single home was served in a census block, the whole block would show up as served. The net result was maps that were overly optimistic, lacked location-specific information, and subsequently glossed over gaps in coverage.

With these new maps, the FCC has integrated the information from broadband providers with hundreds of location-specific data sources, giving a far more detailed and accurate picture of fixed broadband availability, but it still may not be accurate.

That’s why we need your help!

By providing feedback about the service at your specific location, we can increase the reliability of the maps- and, consequently-the funding to close the gaps in coverage.