Abilene Woman Crowned “Ms. Wheelchair Kansas”

A woman from Abilene has been crowned “Ms. Wheelchair Kansas”.

According to the organization, the new Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2022 is Marci Clare.

Clare lives in Abilene, is a stay-at-home mom, and a former LPN. Her platform is “There’s No Place Like Home- the Importance of Accessible Housing.”

The Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program is not a beauty contest, but rather a competition to select the most articulate, accomplished delegate who will serve as a role model and spokesperson for people with disabilities in Kansas

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas is a program that celebrates and recognizes women of achievement who are wheelchair mobile in Kansas. The titleholder works to empower, advocate, and educate people in Kansas communities.

The Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program was started in 2004 and held its first annual event in 2005. MWKS has had seventeen titleholders since its creation in 2004. Ms. Wheelchair Kansas was officially incorporated in 2015. A new addition to the organization was also created in 2015, the Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas program.

Clare won the title of Ms. Wheelchair Kansas during a three-day event March 18 – 20th that culminated with a crowning ceremony. The organization says “Congratulations Marci! You are going to have an amazing year ahead!”

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Photo via Ms. Wheelchair Kansas