Abilene Man To Launch Congressional Campaign

An Abilene man who intends to run for Congress is planning a town hall meeting this weekend.

David Joyce was a member of the Abilene High School class of 1980. He did not graduate with the class, rather earning a GED. He then attended Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia, and earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Economics. He tell KSAL News that he plans to campaign as an unaffiliated party candidate, seeking the Kansas 1st District congressional seat currently held by Tim Huelskamp.

Joyce, who is a truck driver, says that he intends to be the candidate for the “working class”. He says that he has sat back and watched while “our government has continually ignored the plight of the working class”.

Joyce has what he calls a “common sense plan”. Highlights include:

1. Introduce a budget that freezes all Pentagon and Congressional raises for five years. Call for factual spending instead of buying a ball peen hammer for $150, disposable Papermate pens for $7.35, or paying $12 a roll for single ply toilet paper. Stop wasteful spending like the $20 billion the government spent in researching different ways to cook shrimp. Applying Constitutional oversight in executive spending. For example, the $100 million spent by the administration of taxpayer money for the President’s family to go on a tour of Africa for a family vacation and the $1 million dollar golfing outing.

2. Repeal our current unconstitutional income tax code and replace it with a flat tax rate, without write-offs and deductions and a base tax of 8.65% , to 10.3% for all incomes. Based on all personal, business and corporate reported earnings in 2011 there would be minimum increase of $1.9 trillion in tax revenue increasing in tax revenues above the $2.4 trillion collected.

3. Restore social security to the original bill of 1935. This will protect the account and treat it as the retirement account it was set up to be. It will require that the government pay back the money it used. This will also allow retired citizens to receive a cost of living raise equal to the inflation rate.

Joyce is planning a town hall meeting in Abilene this Saturday. It will be held at the Abilene Civic Center. A meet and greet social event begins at noon, followed by the town hall informational meeting at 1:00. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.