A Healing Home

Victims who have been caught in the web of sex trafficking are finding restoration in a new program for adolescent girls at Saint Francis Community Services.

“Usually youth that are ensnared in that lifestyle, that wasn’t there first trauma,” said Melanie Miller Garrett, director of the Clover House.

“They grew up with abuse, with neglect, with not having their needs met. With life teaching them that they don’t have value, they don’t have worth.”

Garrett joined in on the KSAL Morning News Wednesday with a look at the residential program that aims to restore their self worth through acceptance and gentle guidance.

According to Garrett 1 in 6 runaways in 2014 were likely sex trafficking victims.

“One of the most healing factors for folks who have experienced trauma is relationship. They’ve been hurt and broken in relationships so they need to be healed and made whole in relationships,” Garrett said.

She added that beyond professionals on staff – volunteers and mentors who want to help teach life skills are also part of the healing process.

To learn more, or to donate your time or money visit Saint Francis Community Services online at  www.st-francis.org