“A Great Day To Be a Wildcat”

An overflow crowd gathered at K-State Salina Tuesday afternoon on what KSU President Richard Linton characterized as “a great day to be a Wildcat”.

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran announced to the crowd that KSU Salina is being awarded $33.5 million in federal grant money. Moran said he believes they spend too much money in Washington DC, but it’s important to make sure some of that money goes to worthwhile projects here in Kansas.

Because of the grants, a partnership between K-State, the Defense Department, NASA, NOAA, and the private sector has been evolving.

Among other things, the funding will spur construction of the Aerospace Innovation and Training Lab, which will make Salina an aviation training hub. As part of the lab there will be full motion simulators, a unique extreme condition flight simulator which will allow NOAA pilots to learn how to fly into hurricanes.

The Senator told KSAL News the funding comes from a series of grants. “So many good things have been happening at K-State over the last four or five years”, especially the last couple of years.

As part of the project, a new aviation training center will be built, as well as a composites laboratory.

KSU Salina President Dr. Alysia Starkey said one of the goals will be to develop a statewide Unmanned Aircraft System corridor.

Salina Airport Authority Executive Director Tim Rogers said two words can sum up the project “jobs” and “payroll”. Because of this, future employers will relocate to Salina, and already some have made inquiries. It opens up opportunities for students as well, to stay here after they graduate and become part of the workforce.

Linton told KSAL News K-State, and especially K-State Salina, have become a “critical partner in fueling the aviation industry”.


Senator Jerry Moran makes the $33.5 million announcement.