A Fish Named Clarence

“Clarence the Catfish” rode his bike right into the hearts of Salinans who voted the sculpture by Joe and Terry Malesky the 2022 People’s Choice Award winner.

Salina Mayor Mike Hoppock revealed the winning piece Friday morning as a small group of well wishers gathered on the northeast corner of Santa Fe and Iron to listen.

The announcement was the capstone moment to the 12th year that Sculpture Tour Salina has been bringing artistic flair to the streetscape in downtown.

The husband and wife team from Stafford, MO began creating art after Joe retired in 2013 and began going to scrapyards to search for materials to repourpose with his welding torch. Terry joined her husband in the artistic endeavour full-time after she retired from her career in 2018.


The People’s Merit Award winner of a $1,000 cash award to the artist is…
“Ratatouille” by Dale Lewis of Hastings, MN

The Kids’ Choice Award winner of a $500 cash award to the artist is…
“Say Cheese” by Justin Deister of Louisville, CO

Other than purchasing the People’s Choice winner, SculptureTour Salina is entirely privately funded. Multiple sculptures are temporarily displayed in the downtown area for a year. Each sculpture is for sale, with the City of Salina purchasing the People’s Choice winner for permanent display.

The current sculptures on the tour will be switched out this spring, to make way for new ones. Twenty-one new sculptures have been selected for 2023, and will be unveiled on May 6th.