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A Doctors Near Death Experience, Proof Of Heaven

Joan JerkovichDecember 26, 2014

When a man of science finds reason to believe there is a God and Heaven, it breaks barriers. Scientists want facts. Believers embrace mystery. When the two meet, it is often a battle of wills as to who is right and who is wrong, with the ultimate battle being the debate over whether or not God and Heaven exist.

As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander fell in to a coma after contracting a very rare bacterial meningitis. He writes about his experience in, “Proof of Heaven: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife.”

While laying in a coma for seven days, the bacteria were eating away his brain until the “human part” of his brain, the neocortex, was inactivated. Although there is no scientific explanation for how the part of his brain he calls his “conscious, inner self” was “alive and well”, it was in this state that Dr. Alexander “journeyed to another, larger dimension of the universe: a dimension I’d never dreamed existed and which the old, pre-coma me would have been more than happy to explain was a simple impossibility.”

The new world dimension Dr. Alexander described is one of mystery and revelation. The revelations contained a message of three parts, and a universal message for all.

He tells of how in this state of consciousness he found himself in a place of clouds. “Big, puffy, pink-white ones that showed up sharply against the deep blue-black sky. Higher than the clouds-immeasurably higher-flocks of transparent, shimmering beings arced across the sky, leaving long, streamerlike lines behind them.”

He wrote that, to call them “birds” or “angels” would not do justice to the beings themselves. They were more advanced. Higher forms.

As the creatures soared along, they made a noise that was like a glorious chant. It was as if the joy of these creatures was such that if they didn’t make this noise,”that if the joy didn’t come out of them this way, then they would simply not otherwise be able to contain it.”

Along his journey while in the coma, Dr. Alexander remembered being accompanied by a beautiful young woman who spoke without words. She delivered a message that had three parts, which he translated as such:

  • “You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.”
  • “You have nothing to fear.”
  • “There is nothing you can do wrong.”

In addition to this three-part message, Dr. Alexander wrote that he now has a knowing that the universe is defined, not only by unity, but also by love. And that God, and the universe, holds us in unconditional love.

Doctor Alexander’s account and credentials have not been without their critics. Yet, it is a story worth sharing as it puts forth a message of universal acceptance and love.

Read Dr. Alexander’s account and listen this Saturday, December 27th, to The Joan Jerkovich Show where I talk with a woman who had her own spiritual revelations after a near death experience. Although in her 70’s, she’s determined to bring her revelations to others.

Joan Jerkovich, BCC Board Certified Life Coach

Joan Jerkovich, BCC
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