A Cheesy Way to Make a Living

He lives a life that’s a little cheesy. Well, actually a lot cheesy. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Robby Finnell of Salina is doing what he loves to to do, making a living by making his famous cheesecakes. He told KSAL News after 10 years of making cheesecakes for family and friends he decided it was time to take his cheesecake passion to the next level.


The 29-year-old Salina man initially started his business in his home in 2016. As it began to get popular, he moved into a shared location in Downtown Salina on E. Iron Street. In November of this year Robby’s Famous Cheesecakes transitioned into its own facility, across from the Stiefel Theatre near the corner of Santa Fe and Walnut in the heart of downtown.

With the bigger location Finnell was able to expand, and offer other desserts along with his famous cheesecakes. He now prepares things like cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. He also has been so busy he has hired several staff members as well.


Finnell says it is important to him to give back to the community he is a part of. On the third Saturday of each month the staff serves pancakes for a couple of hours, and donates all of the proceeds to a local charity. This month they made about $200 for the Kansas Youth Sports program.

He also has what he calls his “coat closet” program. In the entryway of the dessert bakery is a rack full of coats, all of which have been donated. Anyone who does not have a coat is welcome to take one off the rack, at no charge.


Robby’s Famous Cheesecakes is open daily Tuesdays through Saturdays 11am – 5pm at 156 S. Santa Fe.


(PHOTO: from left –  Brittney Brown, Robby Finnell, and Claire Schmidt work together to make sweet treats at Robby’s Famous Cheesecakes)